It is our pleasure to offer a variety of services and products for your framing and photographic needs. We have a whole lot of talents.

Your collected works of Art, Prints, Posters, Textiles and Treasures are appropriately displayed and conserved  in our capable hands.  We advise on the selection and design of frames  for your home and the office.  Our advice is specific to the piece we are framing.  We give you our full attention.  We consider all options.  Our completed projects stand the test of time.  We have very happy clients.

We help you preserve your history through the copy and restoration of your  photographs.  We take care.

We are both photographers and picture framers.   We take portraits to meet your needs for business, print, web/social media and family.   We endeavour to do our best at all times while keeping the process effortless for you.

We meet many travellers and newcomers.  We take many types of document photos.

We, Deb and Don, established Profiles in Victoria in 1986 after selling Seenss, our picture framing and photography business in High Prairie, Alberta.

We moved to Victoria because James Bay, the park and the ocean were calling to us.  We love the eclectic community of James Bay and the people of Victoria.